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 "A Star is born, Persol 714 is on set"


Hi dear Foob’s friends how are you?

Yesterday night me and my girlfriend Camilla, during dinner, we saw the film “ A STAR IS BORN “ on chilly tv.

The Day before ,i heard the soundratck on spotify and i realized that sounds had something to magical. Film is a masterpiece of direction, sounds and photography.

I don’t tell you, relax you! But i would like that you’ll see it. A Star is Born could arouse a lot of emotions in you.

I can only say you that Bredley Cooper is the Actor and the Director but he is also an incredible singer.

He asked to Lady Gaga to act with her real color of hair and in my opinion is a very good choice. She was rewarded with an oscar for her song and a lot of nomination like best actress.

Bredley Cooper plays like Jackson Mine, a success singer and Lady Gaga a penniless singer.

Who is Peggy gou?.

A pop star in the house music who loves Eyewear Super By Retrosuperfuture specially.

She is a masterpiece of aesthetics and comunication. She is inspired to the giraffes.

“Giraffes are the most quite animals. In the stressed times they remind me to be calm”

She comes from Korea. But bred by warm arms of Berlin. She Got to grow up in the undergrounds suburbs of the Deutschland Capital, strengthen her skills disc after disc, in the most important Techno scene. She leaved her House in Korea at only 14’ to go to London where she lived for 12 years. After that Peggy decided to go in Berlin, pushed by her passion for the djing and the electronic music productions. She worked in a Discs Shop and she loves to spent her weekends in the Berghain, the temple of techno and house music. Peoples says that she loved to stay in the first row of Berghain. Peoples started to called Peggy Zone, loyalist zone of Berghain. She had a dream, play like a Dj in a night of Berghain, first woman to do that, and she succeeded in 2018.

“It Makes to forget” represents perfectly her personality. A Mix of elegance and light sounds for the big audience. She is a dj with a floreal attitude, she is the perfect mix of Oriental and Nord European Culure.

Like Amelie Lens or Martin Garrix, she trasmitted spontainety. Her followers loves to think that Peggy is One of Us, like in the past when she isn’t famous, always under cash, in PEGGY ZONE.

She loves Style and now she starts to work with a personal clothing line called “KIRIN”, produced by the same company of “OFF WHITE”.

In the sunglasses industry she work with a private line for Ray Ban but she loves wear Super by retrosuperfuture like in the pictures.

You can follow Peggy on Instagram @peggygou_

In this link below you can follow Peggy on Spotify -

Peggy Tour 2019 by -

Berti Raffaele and sisters


Berti Raffaele and sisters.

At the half of 50’, italy ‘s growing up and quality life was great.
In 1953 Manrico opened his 1’ touristic corner in Trento Square with only Films and Postacards. In 1960 Italia confirmed his developed with The Olimpic Games in Rome and commercial activities made an economic boom.
Luciano worked like opticians, Teresa an Elena in touristic corner and Raffaele in the shop like Photographer. Manrico, Luciano, Elena, Teresa and Raffaele worked all togheter and buisness went well. In 1972 unlikely Mr Manrico died for a wrong. When was young, Raffaele had always worked in family shop and he loves made photo like his father and brother, so was him to take the administration of family buisness. Luciano grows up with politics affair and in his sisters continues to work in touristic corner that was become a real shop.

In 1975 he got married a beatifull girl called Elena. He was young, success and a sportives like Manrico and Luciano. He was a 100mt talent, thin and speed, like a flash of his camera. He arrived 3’ In student regional games.
He decided to become an optician like Luciano and they opened first real Optical Shop in Tivoli.
Raffaele and Elena had two sons, Marco e Stefano. … and the Berti’s story continue…

Ciao ragazzi come state?

State cercando il regalo perfetto di Natale vero?

Allora siete capitati nel posto giusto.

Siamo qui a presentarvi il nuovo Persol 3 Lenti 3217S .

Ebbene si, Persol ci sbalordisce nuovamente con questo occhiale dallo stile unico. Una lavorazione che solamente gli artigiani della Persol riescono a creare nello storico stabilimento di Lauriano.

Il Persol 3 Lenti 3217S si presenta come una novita’ mantenendo uno stile senza tempo come piace alla Persol e a noi di FOOB – Ottica Berti dal 1924.

Cliccando su questo link potrete vedere i dettagli della misura e delle lenti.,73-72

Lo potrete trovare in Nero, Havana, Madre Terra con lenti Blu e nel colore Caffe’ con lenti fotocromatiche Viola, tutti rigorosamente fatti a mano per un Made in Italy certificato.

Tutte le lenti Persol vengono realizzate dalla storica azienda Barberini, di Pescara,  appena acquistata dalla Luxottica per un affare da 140 milioni.

A life city at the city service between commerce and politics.

After Bombed Luciano was only 13 years old and Tivoli asked every folks to helped social services to resume dead people. Unlikely he was who found his Mother under rubbles. He found her with a child embrace. This picture remain empressed longlife in the Luciano’s memories. Luciano was the Manrico’s first sons. He was one of the first opticians in Tivoli and in Rome. He studied in Roman Optical Institute in Via Galvani.

Every evening, just finishing work in the family shop, he went in rome with a Piaggio Vespa or by train. Luciano was a young boy when he decided to starts his studies. He was a very beatifull guy, with kind ways and a big diplomacy made it one of the principal Actors in the Tivoli politics History. He was the Democrazia Cristiana Secretary and Tivoli Major between 70’ and 80’. Nowdays Luciano Berti is one of the lovests politicians in town.

He was always present in the commercial life of the city and he was near the real problem of citizens. He was got married with Mrs Assunta, a great woman who helped him in politics carrer, in his job and she was by his side to fighting Cancer for 3 times. Luciano and Assunta had have 2 sons, Maria e Manrico that he continues familie’s job in the optical store in Via del Trevio 43.

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